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The Deal


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Ok so I've been posting my daily blogs, but I never told you the basic things.


My life is infested with back stabbers and/or butt faces.


My 2 old friends are wicked


When I say Alicia I mean NOT ROCKONCHEESE101. They pronouce theyre names

diffrently A-lee-sha and A-lee-see-ah. Memorize it, get it, we'll be fine.


Blah signs on the bottom are the rating of my talking mood. If its blank that didnt mean I 4 got. It means I dont feel like talking.


My name is NOT Lucy Lui, Lucille (actullay it is) or Lucy im hooooomeeee! Its Lucy and Just that. Call me kimmi ONLY once in awhile but not every time you want to address me.


and lastly be free to tell me my life sucks. But dont remark me in anyway (e.g. that was a stupid move)


Follow my Deal and we'll get along just fine

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