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its when..


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Its when you just calmed down

From a night of love

From a night under the covers

Where you must push and they must shove


Its when you find

Yourself laughing all alone

And pretending in the mirror

That your a mother in a home


Its when you stay up extra late

Just to hear their voice

You make sure nothing is loud

So your ears dont have a choice


Its when your feeling good

And stay away from them

Because you know with one word they could make you cry

How you hang on their everyword sometimes

Then beilive their slightest lie


Its when you think about them

Every time you close your eyes

Just another hug from behind

Could be your days best surprise


Its when you hum to yourself

And just to see them in the morning

Give your body that extra shove

Its when your waiting all day for a smile

Its when you know its love

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