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hahaha my life is soo funny -_-


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oh god my life is just soooo funny isnt it? Yay, my neck hurts. Yay my bf is moving. Yay i didnt make cheerleading captin.-_-. omg... this is so nice. I'm so happy ^.^. Lets break this down a bit.


Boys are jerkity jerks. You'll find one decent one like.. 3 times in ur life.Chris isnt moving a state but still. A town :(. But he's been like... making excuses to not go places with me. I was supposed to go over his house today, but --> he gets mad after he passed me up two times. I could go cause i had to go over a pals and work on a project. His house is boring though. We would have nothing to do there but watch TV. So it dun reeeally matter.

As for my neck, i slept over a pals house, slept on couch, woke up hurt neck. It hurts too. :( Of coarse this happens to meeeeee.

I didnt make cheerleading captin cause i suck. I'm ugly and stupid. thats why i didnt make it. I am sooo glad we have had this talk.


-the cheese has spoken-

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