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Its not over


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I am four years old,

waiting fore you

I PROMISED that i would wait for you,

no matter what you said,

but a stranger came up to me,

so i followed him instead,

his face looked so familiar,

even with a mask that he did wear,

and very few words from his mouth,

a single sentance rare,


"Tell me that you will wait outside the store"

Mother seemed to ask me,

but why i wondered for,

i was only 4 years old,

this world i want to explore,


"I have candy" said the stranger,

so i walked into his van,

trying to get in,

he gave me a helping hand,

i saw mommy at the register,

paying for the stuff,

he shut the van door,

covered my mouth,

his force so very rough,


so here i am,

keeping low to the ground,

if i dont breath,

he wont hear a sound,

if i dont talk,

twords me he wont walk,

if i dont stare,

he 'wont' be there.


from the window,

i see mommy call my name,

i know i cant hear her,

but i could FEEL the pain,

i wanted to shout,

the temptation was insane,


We drove away,

just me and that man,

my family i will see again someday,

every night,

god hears me as i pray,

every day,

i pound on the basement door,

he gets mad and stomps down the stairs,

i awake with my body on the floor,


I am 12 years old,

my name is Alicia,

I live with 2 parents,

my siblings are off to colege,

one dog i own,

my heart thick as stone,

and that one action i will always regret,

never ever gamble your life,

its never worth losing that bet.

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