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Gym Pond


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Materials Needed:


Enough cinder blocks to make about an 8x8 square

A tarp to put inside the square

Lots of water


Eyedroppers for accent


Alright, so you're going to want to get all of this into your school gym, obviously when nobody's around.


Step one: Arrange the blocks into the square, and put the tarp inside of it with the edges hanging over the blocks.


Step two: Fill the tarp with water, creating a nice little pond in the gym.


Step three: Add fish, and place eyedroppers on the side of square.


The beauty of this prank, is that it's just completely in the way of things, and is extremely hard to remove. There's too much water in the tarp for it to be just lifted and carried away, and if someone takes out a block, the tarp will fall causing all of the water to spill out onto the gym floor.



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