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Mood swings?


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I slept over kayla's house along with our other pal Emily. Well, first we play truth or dare. i select truth. Her and emily asked whats the most that i've ever done with a guy. I said that i wasnt gonna answer. So Emily was like, you have to. And i say "well I dont want to" kinda in a snappy way. So kayla says "oOo, some1's having mood swings".Then, later on, i'm TRYING to get ta sleep. kayla pokes me. I let it slip. I ALMOST fall asleep. Then *poke*. So i say, "Kayla, stop pokin' me, im TRYING to get to sleeeep!" And there it was.. AGAIN. "oOo, Alicia's having mooood swings."Well, did it ever occur to em' that maybe i didnt feel comfortable with that question. And maybe i WANTED to go to sleep. Not that mad at kayla at all. Its just that if she says it to me again. And i might snap at her. And that might be, hmmm... bad. <_< I so don't have mood swings.
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