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Ooopsy err... 3 times?

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Today we had drama club. It was pretty much going over the lines and talking about the whole set up. Our health teacher who you know who is doing part of this pla is going WAY over her head. She expects us to sell food at opening night and make enough for broadway tickets in NYC. I dont think that'll get us enough for 36 people. Unless a candy bar was lke 20$ a piece. Maybe Mr. Matthew can get us money off. Hes done broadway for 3 years. Ms. M (health teacher) hates me. I JUST KNOW IT! My mom doesnt like her very much either.

:blah: :blah:



For my mom's b-day, we are in NY for the weekend! Her b-day isnt till the 17th and my grandparents are going to florida during that week so we have to do it niw. Its so sweet! I got to leave school and hour early, I know it doesnt seem much but I get to skip Ms. M's class which is sooooo boring. I try to show that im interested but Im not. Everyone hates that class. Shes either YELLING in my ear (she always stands next to me either because a) she wants to keep and eye on me or b ) I sit basiclly front and center. Im really pissed at her for not noticing me! When I only had a bag of prezelz for lunch she asked every one did you eat enough? but me! What a cow I hate hate hate hate herrrr!!! UGH! Out


:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

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