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Me a tutor?Umm..NO


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Today in Science i had come in, then i had to finish my part of the poster, and our group had to present it. The teacher thought that I was doing a fine job at it. So she asks if i wanted to help tutor this new girl Emily on what we've learnd.Okay, Emily, nice nice girl.But i have a liiitle discomfort of thinking about basically having her grade, in my hands.I'm not very smart, talented coordinated nor pretty. That nocks down anything that i ever could tutor any1 in. Its only to help her catch up. But isnt that the teachers job?I couldnt say no. Every1 would just think i didnt wanna chill with the new girl. But i do. But i already had to help her during Reading.Oh..oh yea. Have i mentioned that i made a fool of myself in front of this jerk at my school Ryan. He thinks that im coordinated cause imma cheerleader...um can you say "psht!"?. I've tripped off satge in front of my school. Tripped on backpacks in the hall at the endof the day. now weeee! I get to walk into a wall today.He wouldnt stop laughing.Then he tells all his pals. And Nick kept coming up to me and saying "you aint so coordinated off that feild huh Alicia?" duuude! I'm never coordinated. Every1 knows that. And they wouldnt stop laughing over a certain pencil insedent that im not gonna bring up right now. So gooosh how long will it take em' to shut up over this one?And great. I love the respect im getting in this school now that TJ is gone. Usually when TJ was at school and we were dating all the 8th graders would just ignore me. So that maybe tj wouldnt be a jerk to em'. He's gone now, and lets just say they show no mercy. Especially since in a way i was a slight cause of TJ's moving.And the 7th graders. They could care less about Chris being a jerk to them. But i dont exactly get shoved by them. But now i se why the other 6th graders hate being with the 8th graders so much. Oh yes. Cause 8th graders show no mercy in our school. I'm barely cool in my own grade, but noooo, it wasnt enough was it. gr... little things are catching up. And i get to deal with it.
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