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I Love Bubblegum

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((I keep getting these from my notebook thats why i have so much :P))


She looks down at her arms... all cut up & red

She just can't forget all the things that he said

She remembers the girl that she used to be

She once was happy, loving and free.


Now she's a mess, her arms are slashed

Crowded with scars that she's gained in the past

But still she smiles, she lives a lie

It's easier to laugh than break down and cry.


He told her he loved her, but that was pretend

She's got a broken heart that no one can mend

Her perfect guy was just a fake

He tells her that she was his worst mistake.


That happy girl, you'd never guess

That deep inside, her life's a mess

You'd never guess she sits and cries

You'd never know she's dying inside.


She sits alone on her bathroom floor

Her heart is aching, she can't take any more

She takes the blade, puts it to her wrist

He'll never know just what he missed..


She loved him so much, she used the knife

She loved him so much that she took her life.

And when they found her, they saw her pain

With scars etched on her wrist that spelt out his name.

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