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I Love Bubblegum

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((i keep submitting these from my notebook so thats why there r alot))


You ask me why I do it

And expect me to explain

This is hard for me to talk about

But I do it for the pain.



You know how hard it is to stop

I promise you I tried

I promise not to leave you

But my heart's already died.


You say you thought I was happy

I could always fake a smile

You ask how long I've been like this

I've been hurting for a while.



I lay the scissors on my arm

I see your face in my mind

I hear you tell me not to

But deep down you’re far too kind.



As I lay here writing this, heartfelt

Blood flowing fast from my arm

I remember the promise I made you

My promise to never self harm.



I know it may seem weird to you

But it makes my pain go away

To leave me here alive and well

To fake smiles for another day.

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