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Just Let Me Die

I Love Bubblegum

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There she sits so helpless

Just waiting for that special day

The day she set aside

When she'll take her life away


Up until that day

She'll screw her life up more

Taking all the drugs

And cutting like before


Stories of her messed up life

Are written on her skin

Keeping count of all the times

The knife just tends to win


Scarlet scars upon her wrists

Tell of all the times

She tried to go but something

Stopped her suicidal crimes


Her blood shot eyes tell of all

The countless times she's cried

She has no more tears to cry

So her end she will decide


As that day comes around

When her 'precious' life she'll take

She'll bring up all the pain inside

And one more cut she'll make


Never will she stop to think

Of all the people she will miss

You can call it 'ignorance'

But ignorance is bliss


As she starts to think about

The story of her life

She wants to end if faster

Just to end all her strife


She curls up in the corner

And she begins to cry

All the while voices whisper

Just freaking go and die


Mascara tears leak from her eyes

And stain her pale, white face

Trailing down her satin cheeks

Depression's line they trace


She sinks her nails down in her arm

As she begins to shake

Substituting physical pain

For the pain from her heart ache


As she slowly falls apart

She starts to crave her blade

She takes it out and wastes no time

To add to the cuts she's made


She drags the blade along her skin

As she watches the blood pour out

She feels control run through her body

And the voices cease to shout


She puts away her razor blade

With no sign of regret

She knows that she will do it again

For the pain she can't forget


As she starts to breathe again

And her shaking finally stops

Her weak and fragile body goes

To her bed and drops


Her eyes begin to slowly close

As she thinks about that day

Where all her struggles end as soon

As she takes her life away

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