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GMAIL 2005!


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This offer is no longer being supported.

This means that if you follow the steps to the offer, you are not promised a gmail invite. However, if I have one available, I will give it to you if you do complete the offer listed below.


28 Invites left

30 Invites left

32 Invites left

35 Invites left









To anyone who is seeking a gmail invite, here is an easy way to get one! Please read this entire message before doing anything else. Anyone who has obviously not read or followed the rules listed here will not get an invite, and please do not post any email addresses here either.


This offer is on a first come, first served basis and you MUST complete everything to get the invite. The reason these rules are specific is to try to make things fair but also trying to keep things simple.


#1 SIGN UP and become a member, it's FREE! ——> Click here to register! <——

** only new members are eligible for this offer - existing members who create multiple accounts do not qualify **


#2 READ & REPLY to at least 3 topics. You can choose from the list below or find topics of your choice to respond to.

Only 1 post per topic will be counted, and you may start a topic to count as 1 of the 3, but the other 2 must be replies to an already existing topic.


you may choose your own topics to reply to, these are only a few to choose from:

New Name topic | Talk show discussions | Debates of what's right and wrong | Political debates


#3 SEND ME A PM and tell me you want your invite ——> Click here to send me a PM! <——

Tell me the email address that you want your invite sent to. This is where the "First come, First served" rule applies. Invites are handled in the order that the PM's are received. If you are earning an invite to give to someone else, please tell me along with any special messages you would like to include with the invite on your behalf.



#4 GET EXTRA INVITES! Read the next post down or click here for the details.



That's it! No gimmicks and no being signed onto lists to receive spam email. I hate spam myself, so I won't sell the members list. :) (It WOULD be nice if you were to make a post on gmailswap.com verifying that you got an invite from me, but it's not required)


There are only a limited number of invites available. Anyone signing up after those are used up will be put onto a list and WILL BE honored as soon as more invites are available or someone else with invites offers them to me to use.


There are a few reasons for these rules.. One is that it gives an incentive for people to check out the site and see what they think of it (just like getting a food sample at a grocery store). It also helps my forums out with getting input and participation from those that might normally have never even looked here, much less posted. Finally, it prevents invite hogs from coming in, asking for invites and leaving people who really need them from having a chance at them.


Everyone who signs up is welcome to return and be a regular guest here at the forums, regardless of their reason for signing up.

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GET EXTRA INVITES! It's easy. When you PM me, if you want to get extra invites, then let me know. You get one invite for doing any one of the following:

  • make a total of 10 posts within 24hrs of signing up (you already made 3, only 7 to go!) 3 of the total 10 may be topics that you start AND 3 of the total 10 may be in topics you have posted in before.
  • return within a week and make 3 more posts. (Return visits less than 24 hours after the PM do not count). Yes, it's a hook to get you to return in a fair amount of time for the forums, but if you're already signed up, you're already halfway done! :D
  • get 2 people to join here (within a week of your signing up), make 3 posts each and then PM me to give you the credit for their signing up. They may participate in the gmail offer as well.

When you have completed one of these, PM me to let me know AND tell me what email to send the invite(s) to. :)


You can do ANY of the 3 that you want and you get one extra invite. If you do all then you'll get a 3rd invite!


Extra offer - AFTER you get your invite (and within 24 hours of signing up), if you make 3 posts AND reply to one or more of my offers on gmailswap.com to verify that you got an invite from me (please tell your member name too to verify it), I'll give you an extra invite. These 3 posts may count towards the 10 in the above offer if you want to get a 3rd invite.


I know some of it sounds complicated, but they are just ways to get extra invites if you want or need them.


Disclaimer - You MUST notify me before hand that you will be getting additional invites. If you fail to do so then I won't know to reserve them but I will still try to honor the deal as best that I can.

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