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Odds and Ends


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Some stuff I wrote that I recently found in one of my notebooks when looking for something.





Of the things I have lost

There is one thing I miss the most

Something that cannot be regained

So short and bittersweet


To be able to look at a blade of grass

And see not a chore - but a noise maker

To be able to look at the clouds

And not forsee rain - but a fairy dancing about

To be able creep though a neighbours bush

And not think about tresspassing - but a safari

To be able watch ants marching in a line

And not see a pest, - but an alien army


The wonder of something never seen before

The sweet innocence that makes the world seem brighter

The vivid imagination that turns simple into wonderful

The carefree self-absorbed mind set


What is that I miss?


I miss being a kid




I can see you when I close my eyes

My memory recalls every possible detail

to torture my heart and sanity


Although it hurts I close them anyway

I don't want to forget the lesson learned

and the pain lets me know I'm alive





A thud a crash

Dust in the air

Voices - Screaming

Glass breaks and falls

The scent of booze stains the air

A thud a grunt

A flash of pain

Warm copper scarlet

The room spins




The room tips

Dry cotton bitterness

a beep another another





A voice an apology

Fear disbelief pain

Salty moisture and Booze scented breath

beep beep beep

A threat a thud






A conversation with a believer


Do you believe in God?

No, I replied. I do not belive in God.

Do you believe in Heaven?

No, I do not believe in Heaven

Do you believe in Hell, surely you do?

No, I do not believe in Hell either

Do you believe in a Soul?

No, I do not believe in Souls at all

What do you believe in then, if anything?

I believe in Honour

Honour? Honour will not save your soul

I don't believe in a soul, remember?

What else do you believe in?

Respect, and Loyalty

You sound like a knight. Have you no faith?

Faith? Describe it to me

Believing in something no matter what

Then yes, I have faith

But you don't believe in God

In order to have faith you must believe in God?

Yes - Uh, no. No, you don't

Anything else, so that I may go?

How can you live like you do?

This is living? Then I welcome death.

God can save you! Just believe

No.. nothing can.

Do you truely believe that?

Yes. I truely do.

Then you are surely doomed to Hell

I don't believe in Hell, if you recall

You are beyond saving

Yes, I know.




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