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Whats heee know anyways


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Whats Chris know?! I am not a paranoid person. Its so stupid how he got into that conclusion. What happened was i was at cheerleading practice. And the football players across the feild had just finished practice. So one of em' comes up to me. And i'm looking at Chris, hoping he doesnt feel ignored. So i tell Alec that i needed to go back to practice. So he leaves, and i walk back to Chris, who was talking to some other cheerleaders. And i got in the convo, well TRIED. And the gurl on meh team was like "Um, Alicia, you'll let Chris and i talk alone 4 a sec, cant you?" and she said it in suuuch a nandkljsaD voice. So then he walked back and started talking. And i started studdering (thats what i do when nervous). And he started laughing. And i'm like "What? Why are you laughing at me". And he's like "Alicia chilllll. I was JUST talking to that girl, JUST like you were talking to that guy." And then my coach called me back to practice. Then i come back and he's like. why are u STILL nervous? and i'm like "im not" And he says "Do I trust you with guys?"So i go "um...yea?" So he says "Well, its only fair if YOU trust ME with other girls" So i'm like "...I'm sorry, that didnt exactly cross my mind..." And he smiled and comforthed me. Buuut he still thinks that i can be paranoid. And a hug won't fix this one. I'm not mad at him. He actually took the time to calm me down. But seriously. ME? PARANOID?! Never.
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Are you sure?


Beyond your paranoia, you may want to talk to him, because he may not know how it felt when she spoke to you that way, that she wanted to be alone with your bf and that he didn't stick up for you. Also be sure to let him know that you're not mad, only hurt.

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