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I forgot yesterdys post. So I dont forget Im outting yesterdays AND mines on the same post.


Tittle: Never make a gym teacher mad


Today was boring. In gym our gym teacher got very mad at us. NEVER make a gym teacher mad. We have to run to the line we call "the short line" 4 times then we had to sit and wait for our teacher the next 15 minutes. After our teacher cam it kinda cracked me up. Every one started talking when they were dead silent 5 secs ago. It felt as since we were with our homeroom teacher we felt like were safe. Thats Why you should neve make a gym teacher mad!

:blah: :blah:


Tittle: 6 Hours our Pure torture


Mom is doing parent teacher confrences at her school. Shes at her desk now studying. What really sucks is that I cant use the chatroom *not allowed.* So I have to use the bords. Ive been here for 5 andn gonna be 6 hours!!! I ate Mc Donalds but didnt go home. I soooo want to. Its wet and freezing out there so I want to get home ASAP!! I have to do my homework 2. PLUS we have a test on friday PLUS I have to study more of my lines for DC (Drama Club) Im so stressed out! And I have a dentist appointment soom. The only silver linning of this cloud is, I got Mc Donalds.

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