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Well, im cut loose, untied. My new bf told me that i can flirt with anyguys i want. Just no touching. (as if i would =_=) but its great. He's great.The peeerfect boyfriend. He's cute, smart, pratical. But he tickles me to much. Not that im blaming any1 for getting that idea in his head. *WOLFIE* cough, cough. But besides that.And his moving in like a month (but not very far) its fine. We dun get to talk that much in school anywayz. (grade diff.) But with him gone... im dead. About 8 guys are bugging me about some crap thats going on. and im annoyed. But hey, some guys are jeeerks. Anyways, for the most part i'm happy. he comes to my cheer practices. I see him during the breaks. He calls me. we chill during weekends. its all good.
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