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Your so predictable,

every move you make,

every step you take,

every word you talk,

and every inch you walk,


Your so predictable,

even though you think your not,

but you ARE predictable,

no matter what u thought,


you wake up to your radio,

blasting very loud,

look at your old, old trophies,

and the medals you hold so proud,


you take a shower,

and straighten your hair,

before the bus comes you slap on a fake smile,

and act like your life has no care,

you slip on your earings,

and put on your shoes,

each day of these lies,

your true self you become to lose,


you enter school,

give that loved one a kiss,

walk around the halls with your pals,

with happiness and bliss,

get back a test,

every1 thinks you did great,

but then u head down to practice,

even less to you can relate,


Im so predictable,

in every single way,

and someday they will point and say

"shes soooo predictable"

but sometimes thats okay...

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