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*this would be yesteday's entry*


Today day is school. Bummmmmmmeeeeerrrr!!! Actually it was ok. The only thing today that I didnt like was Ajee staring at me from behind. Its like she hates me so much that she'll stock me down! Alicia was passing notes w/ me in class (as usual.) and we almost got in trouble for it. I love passing notes. Its liike taliking to people during class. Im outtie

:blah: :blah:

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Heh, I used to love passing notes. I remember one time I drew a picture of my History teacher (a miserable old bat with glasses as big as dinner plates). It looked just like her and it had stink lines and everything. I was passing it to my friend and she chose that point to suddenly develop excellent vision.


Needless to say, she wasn't impressed with my artwork.

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