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Welcome to the Offical KYPS Forum


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First, I'd like to welcome you all to this forum, for my site KYPS. Thanks to Admin/Wolfie, KYPS is no longer stuck with a 'message board' that looks like a cheap guestbook. Yay.


First, for those of you who don't know what KYPS stands for, its Keep Your Pets Safe. I founded KYPS shortly after my cat, Bandit, was hit by a car, and had to be put down. For the full story, please go to the site.


My goals for KYPS are..(as seen on the site)


1. Establishing it as a reference point for pet owners, enabling them to make smart decisons to keep their pets safe, happy and healthy.

2. Become an offical Non-Profit Organization

3. Start a neighbourhood awareness program - probably being known as something like KYPS Pet Safe Neighbourhoods - much like Neighbourhood watch - including posted signs that will politely remind drivers to watch their speed and keep their eyes open for animals

4. Open a charity fund to help less fortunate families pay for the care and recovery of pets wounded by motor vechiles


Now.. as for the general posting rules for this forum..


1. Respect. This means no swearing, flaming or anything else that could be considered rude.

2. Spamming is not an option.

3. Topics must either relate to KYPS, or pets in general. Although, there is a forum for general pet topics here on the Dacity Forums. (check out Pet Chatter)


KYPS is a life-long goal for me now. If you would like to aid me at all, once again, go to the site, and click on about. I would apperciate anything you can offer.




TR Love (SoBeLiz)

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