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SoBe the Lizard


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One gloomy dark day SoBe the Lizard walked out of her rock house. SoBe's mother Mrs. Lizard called to SoBe. "You will get wet." said Mrs. Lizard, "and cold." Sobe ignored her and crawled to her friends house Squirrely Squirrel. "Youre gonna get wet out there." said Squirrley. Sobe ignored him and crawled away. "Sobe." said a strange voice. It was a fox. Sly and sneaky. "You are going to get wet. Come inside my home and I will make cocoa." Sobe licked her lips and ran with the fox. Inside the houde they sat down. "Thank you." said Sobe. "You are very welcome delious." "WHAT?!?!" yelled Sobe. "I am going to EAT YOUR TAIL!!!" screamed the fox. The fox chased SoBe out side ad Sobe slipped. The fox quickly ate her tail. Sobe cried and ran home. "I told you." cried Mrs. Liazard wrapping Sobe's bottom. SoBe learned tonever go with strangers and listened to parents. Thats why SoBeLiz is now the first tail less lizard


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I got the events but not the reason for their being possible.


Where was she going? How was the mummy lizard right when she never warned of losing a tail? Who said that SoBeLiz doesn't have a tail?


I give this story "-3" out of "+5" stars.

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