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Friends are Buttfaces

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Ooooooo. My friends re so CRABBY from yesterday. My friend was making a movie of me this morning and I accidently burpped in the camera. She got all mad at me and left. Butt face. Briah called and acted all like I was her friend again. After what she did. NO WAY! Buttface. I think Briah must of drank some cider or something thinking that I'd be her friend. Im thinking of not being friends with Miranda. She always saying "Youre too young to understand." or "You wouldnt get it." Ok shes in 6th grade and im in 5th. Im 11 shes 11. 7 and 3 weeks apart. I was born November 17 she was on March 27 both 1993. And shes treating me like im 7. BUTTFACE!!! I guess every 1 gets cranky from NewYears. Out



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