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A Souls Journey


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Soft words and gentle thoughts, loving and caring worries. This is the journey you must take, you have been on this journey ever since you were first born. This child has filled your heart with joy, laughter and also heartache. You must see past the bad and move on for the good to come in the future.

The heartache and the injured soul has come so far on this long journey, that it has built power and stored wisdom in the heart. Family and your spirits are your reward for such a gift of wisdom and love. When it feels like you are all alone it is because, you are not comfortable sharing the concerns and worries the souls aching from.

So you create a whole other planet, that only you live on. Time and time again the world has let you down, and has not answered your life long questions. In time they will unfold through interactions with others, and from your own actions.

Life will point you to the signs God is trying to give you.The clues help you puzzle your life together. Let downs will happen, but being one with your spirit is what gives you energy. The extra boost to get up in the mornings. Take time to enjoy life, it does not last long; like people daydream it will. Nobody is perfect, and no one should make you feel you have to try and be;that means yourself as well.

We are allowed to make mistakes that is how we come back stronger, and wiser. It makes us who we are. Patience, a lot of love and some wisdom on the way; everything will work out soon. The more your heart heals the more your puzzle will fit together.




Written BY: F. Luv

Edited by dream19
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