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Well it's here. The new year. Boo. Today Iplayed with Miranda. She is so stupid XD! She stood on a chair and yelled at cars on her fire escape porch. Then we pretended they saw us a ran. One person stopped and looked around. We played this till her mom caught us. It was fun through. I played San Andres. IT WAS SO COOL! Espeaiclly the 2 player feature you find. For school I'm writing New Years resolution. Heres a sneak peak.


For my new year revolutions I will,


Stop wearing copies of my clothes so people wont mistake me for wearing one pair of clothes

Not buy white sneakers

Stop thinking that my doll will attack me in my sleep

Wear better deoderent

Chill out

Get anger help

read all lemony snicket books

Get into Gennius book of world records 2006

Safe all my money till I have 1,000$


Well its only 10:44 and Im about to pass out. Know I just relized mom ate all my chocolate. >.<

Now Im getting pissed. What a day today. Im about to pass out like I said on my bed dead. New Years is sleeping late saying Happy New Years going to sleep. Then you feel groggy in the morning. WOW! NEW YEARS IS THE BESTESTEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! .....not. Im gonna take sum pics of me and then I guess show them later. Im out.



:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

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