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Ok REAL problem solved


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Well, T.J prank phone called me. well, actually Derik prank phone called me. but Kevin and t.j told him to. Lets just say it wasn't funneh at all. So I break up with t.j. And well that night i went to a party with a very nice gentleman named Chris. Him and i went to the party and wow was it worth it. This wasnt any1's party... it was t.J's party. And the second i walked through that door, things just went great. See T.J was grabbing me acting like i was still him gf. And i was just WAITING for Chris to step in. And he did. :) Boy did he. Eventually Chris and i saw a bunch of kids playing 7 minutes in heaven. Boy was that stupid of me to step in. Since i had no idea what that game was at the time and Chris did, either way we both stepped in. It was Chris's turn. It landed on me. At the time i had no idea what 7 minutes in heaven was, so i had no idea what to do next. Chris just lead me into a closet. We both knew nothing was gonna happen. We could barely see one another it was so dark. So once the time was up we talked out. T.J standing RIGHT at the door. Then bam. Gave Chris a punch so bad. I walked in on it. Pulled Chris aside, and 'comforted' him. Kissed him, hugged him etc. right in front of T.J. Boy was t.j maaaad. Then Chris was like "you may have thrown a punch. But who got the girl T.j?" Right then i felt a bolt go right up my stomache. 'how stupid is he', i though. T.J will pumble Chris. So basically i was just like "T.J, why dont YOU go get yourself another peice of property? I actually found some1 who cares about me. then I kissed chris lalalalalala. And T.j, lets just say i thought his face was redder than an apple. Basically, i did something that made T.j mad, and Chris happy, as well as me. Unlike T.j, i didnt have to worry about Chris going beyond those boundries. i set the rules and limits, Chris followed. That night was something called perfect. Cause from then on at the party, me and Chris just cuddled, and talked, did everything T.j wouldnt. And you have no idea how much that meant to ME.
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