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Wow... its solved. that problem with the alcahol, going into apoligy going into 2 pals hating each other, going into my bf yelling at me has finally stopped! you see what happned was T.j got into a fight with kevin. Then i took some1 advice and i told T.J that if he really cared about me he would stop. So he did. Then made up with Kevin. this was about a week ago. but now its official that things are going fine. And now i can finally relaaaaaax! When it comes social stuff/.

Looky here another problem. I finally remembered how to do a double back hand spring..now on to tripple. I just can't do it. its soooo hard :( If i dont make that squad....roar. I'll have nothing going for me. T.j and Kevin already made the football team. If I don't make this team, i'll barely have any time to see most of my pals on he squad. Barely get to see t.j or Kevin. And I wont get invited to any good parties. Oh god....oh god.. How am i supposed to get that tripple back handspring down?!

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