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So. Wow, its almost funny how many times this problem has come about me. So heeeere i am on the computer when T.j e-mails me and is all "are u going to FoxWoods this weekend" and im like "idk" so he's like."..oh ok" and im like "how come?" And he's like "cause i wanna give u a late christmas gift. so im like ok why cant u give it to me now? and he's like cause i saw it in the window in a small lil' shop last time i went. So i'm all "just get it and when u return give it to me. And so we talk 4 a while. Then i hang up and ask. And they said we might. 10 minutes later Kevin calls and is like "so do u like that perfume T.J got you?" and im like.. "i didnt get a necklace. ''Then it hit me like a block of cheese. thats the gift! Then kevin was like "daaaaang , dun let him know that i let u know" and im like perfume? So now i feel a lil' guilty knowing about it ... So then at Foxwoods T.j and i are supposed to chill at the pool. But i can't even go there yet until i finf meh bathingsuit. I packed it god knows where. So i need to find that and pack some cloths if i end up going. Geez, though. Something bad is gonna go bad. I feel it. Last time i went to a foxwoods pool my swimsuit untied. The time b4 that i dived in the shallow end axcidently. And b4 that i got kicked outta the hot tub 4 being underaged. I can only imagine whats gonna go wrong now... ggggr! Edited by rockoncheese101
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