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If you had 1,000,000 dollars


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I'd get a host set up with a massive amount of storage space and bandwidth for this site, as well as awesome games, blogging/gallery features and some other goodies for my visitors.


Computer wise, would get a few state of the art computers with the best quality and maximum functionality in DVD/CD writers/rewritables, 1000's of DVD/CDs to write (and rewrite to in some cases), massive HD storage, the works like that. Also with extensive UPS support. This is not to mention the monitors and wireless LAN details. Then a couple of laptops fixed out. :)


Then to go on with a steady supply of steaks.. yummy! :D

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Hmm...I'd buy me a house and a nice-looking car. Then I'd set some money away for college and then give some to my parents/relatives. Half of what I had left I would save, the rest would be donated. (American Cancer Society, The Red Cross, Tsunami Relief Fund, etc.)
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