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i hate partys


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Ok, so i go to my bf's party, and then i start talking to his sister. So then Melony and i start talking and i wanna sleep over. So i call meh mom and she gives me the "ok" and then i party 4 a bit. Then i wake up on a soda can. Ouch, followed by OUCHHH! Back pains. I mean really. why can't i just have woken up on a pillow. And how come i didnt wake up?! then the next morning me and Melony wake up and go down stairs and kevin (who recently became pals w/ T.j again) and t.j were trying to make pancakes for us. The pancakes tasted HORIBLE!!! Then Melony and I pretended to like that crap so that the boys wouldnt feel bad. Then T.J thought it would be fun if we all played football. I really didnt want to. REALLY. But i ended up having to. So the teams were T.J and me against Kevin and Melony. We actually won. I got one touch down outta 12 :) yay for me. Anyways i cost us 2 touchdowns from running the wrong way. And i only got that touch down cause' Melony tripped and Kevin saw a cute girl walk down the street. Ok, so im not an athlete. Anyways, my back still hurts...thats why i hate parties. :)
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