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britney spears


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no way would i share a wishbone with britney spears... eek...


lol the person i really would like to share a wishbone with would be aaliyah. yeah i kno she died almost 5 years ago, but i really admire(d) her. if u dunno who she is, aaliyah died in 2001 in a plane crash after filming a video. she was only 22 (i think?). she had a record deal w/ her uncle since she was 14, and she's made a few albums, and a lot of good songs.


aaliyah had a VERY clean image, and i didn't know or see ne1 who didn't like her. so that tells u how clean a person's image is. i really admire people who have clean images... they don't need to look all sexified (lol new word) to look cool and get attention.

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