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Fun with your school's server


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I do quite a bit of damage to my schools servers, computers and hacking are my first and second loves. My school uses what I like to call Cheeseware called Novell - what a joke the server is, took me a totla of 3 minutes to script a DOS DoS (no not a typo or repeat of words) batch file that could have easily taken down the school servers for days, of course I lack the guts to do it and exams were going on at the time so I never did, maybe I will some time...Anyone else know Batch filing here?
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you said that Macs are crappy, well honestly it goes like this:

"Linux for development

Macintosh for productivity

Windows for Solitaire"


Macs arent crappy, they are not easy to infect and corrupt, there is virtually no spyware/viruses for them, and they are much more efficient and effective that Windows machines, because windows sucks and its only good use is Games.

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If your school's like mine, with the school's server just sitting on a shelf with all the wires exposed, all someone would have to do is walk up to it and "accidentally" pull out some wires...


Your school must be lacked with rules and unorganized management. That was a very clever idea if you do that. All school records must destroyed.

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