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If Spiders were candy


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If Spiders were candy...


Wolfie: jolly rancher (hes hard when he means it but hes nice when hes taken the right way)

ZaK: Bubblious gum (he cant stop his hyperness wont stop like gum!)

Marqi: Pepperment (shes nice and never loses her flavor)

HiLLiE: Hershey Bar (she's nice and she is loved by millions.)

Squeefer: Baby Bottle pop mystery flavor (never know what hes up to.)

Pinkk: Air Head (Loved by hundreds but gets losted.)

Indicate: Sour head (full of sweet but shocking flavor!)

rockoncheese: Twinkie (not really a candy but I like calling her sponge head. (twinkie is sponge cake))

KimmiKitti: Carmel (If she gets stuck in your teeth, she'll annoy you. XD)

PsYcH0: tic tac (has diff feelings or in this case flavors. Can be sweet, relaxed stressted

punkrawker: Cinnomin Hot heads (hes angry but its bottled inside. Like hot heads the deeper you get the hotter it is.)


umm thats all I can think of!

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