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Top toons anyone?


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For anyone who hasn't yet seen it, the Top Toons list (as seen on the official Toontown site) is updated on this site as well.

Click here


Not only does it show the most recent Top Toons, but a history is kept as well, so you can browse some of the past Top Toons.


This feature is still 'under development' to try to work a few kinks out, but so far it seems to work as it should.  A couple of quirks you may notice is that the image for a player may change (to a different species even) or that the same player might have different 'profiles' even if it's obviously the same player.  Still working on that but might not be much I can do about it.


Also, on the front page of the site, a mention of the Top Toons is made.  If there are players who got listed multiple times, it will give them a special mention.  This feature is still being worked on and might be delayed as far as being processed is concerned.

Click here

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