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Who is Fangs McWolf? (Why I am, of course!)


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If you're looking at this, then chances are you've met me in the game. Whether or not you have, here is some information about me.

Where ever possible, I go by the name of 'Wolfie' and will actually respond to it. For the game, my first toon is named Wolfie, made in the early part of 2006. I got interest in making a black cat since it's the only species that can be black (and black is one of my favorite colors). I made a black cat that Halloween but wasn't too impressed with the name I chose for him. So a year later, I made another and pondered a bit on what to name my new inspiration. A short time later, he was named Fangs McWolf. So then another year later and the McWolf clan was born, with over 50 people joining the clan. That may seem like a small number to most people, but considering that the community I was using wasn't as hugely used as some TT based sites, I consider it to be quite a big deal! Since then, there have been new additions to the clan and the nice thing about it is that members can be who they are and still be considered a McWolf so long as they follow a few very simple rules.

Okay so enough of the history lesson. I am Fangs McWolf and unlike some people, I didn't start a new toon with the goal of maxing A.S.A.P. Yes, that's the end goal for most everyone, but some people focus on it more than others. At the time of this writing, Fangs is 134 laff, dropless, maxed in all gags with organic trap, maxed in all suits and gardening. I only need to get one more laff boost from golfing, racing and fishing to be fully maxed. My doodle, Wolverine, is a shade of orange with dots and is maxed in jump and play dead, though she seems to like jump more than anything else. Except for when she is stuck (thank you Disney for not fixing that bug as of yet...), she rarely fails me unless she is tired. Even then, though, she tends to jump more often than other doodles.

I tend to avoid Nutty River because, putting it bluntly, it's an over used and over abused district that causes issues. I tend to stay in Nutty Summit where I will take some lower toons into the factory to help them out. I'll also do things like pushing people through tunnels and other things are harmless fun. It's amusing and the point/theme of the game is humor and being funny/wacky.

I like to help others when I can, although I won't be a doormat for someone. If I'm trying to help someone out and they are being a rude little..toon.. then I'll tell it to them like it is. I'm helping to be nice, but if they are going to be disrespectful, then they can continue on without my help. If it's in a factory, I'll stick around and watch to see if they finish on their own or not. If they fail and have a change of attitude back in the playground, I'm more than willing to take them in again to show them that I am willing to forgive and move past it. Otherwise, then can go show that attitude to others and see how that works for them. If it's in a building, I might tag along for the higher floors but I won't choose gags or at least won't purposely help that player. It all depends on the circumstances. Either way, it's not too often that it happens and when it does, usually the player is willing to discuss things so they learn how to be a better player. (As a rule of thumb, McWolfs are supposed to be helpful, but ultimately it's up to the player to decide. I encourage being helpful, but I expect them to be treated with respect. If someone is rude or mean to them and they decide to not be helpful or if they decide to stick up for themselves, then that's perfectly fine. McWolf's are not doormats, nor are they ever expected to be one.)

Those who have known me for any reasonable amount of time know that I'm a smart and kind player. Those who say otherwise... well, let's just say that they won't ever admit to the truth of things. They'll either lie or they'll tell leave out important facts or details that make a difference in what is really going on. No, I'm not perfect, but oddly enough, there are some who act like they are. Be cautious of those people, they just like to cause drama where it's not wanted, needed nor appropriate. Sadly, we must accept them as a part of life, but that doesn't mean we can't try to avoid them.

If there's anything you want to know about me, then please join up and send me a message. Keep in mind I won't get personal, as I tend to be a private person. But when it comes to me or my toon in a general sense, I'm a bit more open.

"Open Chat" did ya knows...
- You can say "RawrImADino"
- You can say "SuperCaliFragilIsticExpiAliDocious"
- The longest "ooo" word you can say is "boooooooooooooooooooooooooommm" (that's 26 o's)

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