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Rude toons in CJ runs


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This is a copy/paste from what I sent to someone...


During gags..  One round, all level 8 cogs, two of us had trunk.  Thinking that someone might pick fog when it wasn't necessary (from thinking one or more was level 9 or higher) I said 'trunk.'  Mouse picked trunk, cat didn't pick anything.  Was thinking, okay, cat must be distracted.  Okay that's cool, we all get distracted from time to time.  Sound missed that round, so not like her choosing trunk would have made any difference.  Welcome to Toontown eh?


Later on, cogs came out and since we had been using sound, I put up bubble saying, "all trunk" so it would let everyone know that they were all level 8's, in case someone wasn't sure.  Cat told me (not asked me) to stop telling her how to play.  Wasn't really telling her how to play, was just providing the gag needed in case someone wasn't paying attention and wasn't sure what was needed.


After that, some cogs lured, level 12 came out, I tossed out TNT and asked for help, "help plz."  A few seconds later, mouse purposely uses banana peel on it to cancel out my TNT and said that was helping.  Tried to use trap again and mouse fired the cog so I couldn't use it.  Mouse even acknowledged that he was doing it on purpose.


During scale part of the run, mouse ordered me to hit the scale and said I can't stun.  Yet, before he went sad, I had gotten three bonus timers, all solo.  He tried to claim credit for the second one even though he wasn't doing stun at all.  During the entire run, I had managed to get five bonus timers for the group, all solo.  Yeah, I can't stun, which is why I got bonus timers for the group.  If that's not being able to stun, then what is?



Next CJ...  Cog part went fine and seating toons on jury was fine.  For the last part though, when I was at stun, two players would conveniently delay doing stun, waiting for me to be away first.  When they would be doing stun while I was there, if I didn't help, no bonus.  I mention that because only two of the bonus timers were without me and I think that was just luck on their part.  If it wasn't luck, then why didn't they get bonus when I was there but not stunning?  Yet, when I'm there and someone got the three cogs on other end, I was able to get the other six (nine cogs total) and we'd get a bonus timer.  I had to actually wait for them to start doing stun and then I would wait for the dog to pass by and his cogs to wake and then I would stun and after I hit the sixth cog, +10 for everyone.  Had to trick them to be able to do that for the group, but it was proof that I know how to stun and I know how things work.  During the dance, cat said we would have been finished 10 minutes sooner except that I'm stubborn.  Yeah, I'm the one who is stubborn even though they were purposely holding back on stun which in turn is the true reason it took any bit longer to finish.  That's the way a bully acts, blaming their actions on someone else.  "I would help you but you're stopping me" or "Why do you make me hit you" or something else.  If they hold off on doing stun while I'm there, despite the fact that I'm very VERY experienced and skilled at doing stun, then that's their choice and action, not mine.  Be different if I was some n00b that had no idea what I was doing and was making it difficult for them to get a bonus until I was gone, but I successfully demonstrated that I could get timer when three of the cogs were taken care of (meaning I got the other six, which is 2/3rds of the cogs, and one of those was the side cog).


Yeah, I'm the stubborn one alright.  Sheesh, some people don't realize just how obviously wrong they are.



First run:

yellowish cat, trapless, peach outfit with angel wings, 137 laff

bluish mouse, (not sure which track is missing), white outfit with golf cap, 137 laff



Second run

green dog, dino outfit, 132 laff

black cat, purple outfit, 131 laff

** both are healless and maxed in all suits but Boss (healless?  seems to me like they don't care about others...)



Names removed to protect the guilty.

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