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I wish we had not gotten in that fight,

I wish i followed your advice that was right,

I wish that you stayed by my side,

now in my bed I sit here and ly,


If only you had'nt left me so soon,

And i wish that you would come back,

but your gone,

and you'll never come back,


I know they say your in a better place,

yet i find my self with tears running down my face,

and if only this just was'nt true,

now mommy your gone and I really miss you,


I remember how you would hold me tight,

when i was younger,

you would kiss me good-night,

fight the monsters in my closet,

but now your gone,

so i'll have to pray,

for God to get me through another day,

when mothers day comes around,

and i see the kids get gifts,

and we make presents in school,

my memorie of you will only drift,


So next time I hear some one say "she's in a better place now",

Where you went i know,

and its not the fact that your in heaven mommy,

its the fact that its so hard to let go...

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