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[Guides]Factory: What you need to know...


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Information on the different rooms, cogs, gags and such in the factory.

Navigating through the factory can be a task in and of itself when you've already learned some about the factory. It's even worse when you're new to it. This guide is meant to be helpful for everyone who wants to know something about doing a factory at Sellbot HQ.


First and foremost, to get to the factory, you have to get to Sellbot HQ and then from there, go through the other tunnel (to right as you enter Sellbot HQ).



There are two entrances to the factory. The front entrance is accessible to everyone and tends to be the one many people start with. The side entrance is restricted to those who have at least 31 laff points when they try to go in. By that I mean that it doesn't matter what their maximum laff is (31, 100, 137), if their current laff is under 31, then they can't go in through the side entrance.


To keep this guide simple, this guide will be written from a 'front entrance' perspective.



Main Entrance (No cogs)

This is the room you land in when you use the front elevator. You need to step on the button to unlock the doors that lead to the Lobby.



This room has one goon that you need to get past and three cogs to defeat. The cogs are levels three, three and five (total of 28 merits). After defeating the cogs, there is a button in the middle of the room to step on to unlock the doors to hallway.



In this hallway, there is a crate that you can move. When it's pushed far enough, you can get to the top of another crate where there is a cake restock barrel. The other doors lead to another hallway.


This second hallway, named "Lobby Hallway", has four doors, one of which leads back to the hallway you came out of. The closest doors (right in front of you) is called "Lookout" and has a set of steps. Going up the steps lets you see inside of the Warehouse. The doors to the right go to the "Gear Room" and the doors on the left go to the "Boiler Room."


Gear Room

This room has three skelecogs, levels five, five and six (total of 36 merits). Going through the other set of doors leads to the East Catwalk where you can get to the Paint Room and the Warehouse.


Paint Room

This room can be a bit tricky to navigate. You have to jump on each of the moving platforms to get to the other side where there are restock and bean barrels. The bean barrel gives you 35 beans and the available restocks are cream pie (4), hose (4), lipstick (3) and feather (3). Be careful when leaving this room because when you open the doors


Boiler Room

This room has three cogs, levels three, five and six (total of 32 merits). The other door leads to the West Catwalk. On the West Catwalk, you can get to the Pipe Room (first left), to the doors next to the Oil Room (up steps and to left, doors are locked from inside) or to the Warehouse (up steps and to right).


Pipe Room

This room is unique in that it has two sets of skelecogs to defeat, however it's only necessary to defeat one set in order to be able to get to the doors on the other side of the room. Each set has three skelecogs, levels four, four and five (total of 28 merits per set). The doors on the other end lead to Stomper Alley.


Stomper Alley

From here you can go to one of three places. Either to the Pipe Room, which is up the ramp, to the Duct room, which is at the bottom of the ramp, or past the stompers to get to the Lava Room Foyer. Next to the Duct Room doors, there is a crate that can be pushed to gain access to a restock barrel (feathers) and a toon up barrel.


Duct Room


Side Entrance


Lava Room Foyer


Lava Room


Oil Room Hallway


Oil Room




West Silo


East Silo


Center Silo



(This guide is a work in progress...)

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