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[Guides]Toons of the world unite!


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Ever seen someone saying, "Toons of the world unite!" while jumping up with one paw in the air? Ever wondered how they are able to do it? Here's how...

One of the many little 'Easter Eggs' within Toontown is the Resistance Salute emotion. Here's how to get it.

  1. First you need to go to Donald's Dreamland. If you have teleport access there, then go ahead and teleport there and then skip to the second step, otherwise follow these instructions:
    • Starting in Toontown Central, go onto Loopy Lane and run to the end of the street and go through the tunnel. That will take you Alto Avenue in Minnie's Melodyland. Now open your schticker book, go to the map page and then click "Back to Playground"
    • From Minnie's Melodyland, go to Tenor Terrance and run to the end of the street and go through the tunnel. That will take you to Lullaby Lane in Donald's Dreamland. Now open your schticker book, go to the map page and click "Back to Playground"

[*]From Donald's Dreamland, go to Pajama Place and run towards the end of the street. You'll pass by Toon HQ on the street and at some point you'll see this shop:


[*]Go inside and then use the speedchat phrase, "Would you like some help?" which is located in the "FRIENDLY" menu. Once you use that phrase, you'll receive some whispers from Whispering Willow welcoming you to the resistance.

[*]Use speedchat again and look in the EMOTIONS menu. Near or at the bottom, you'll see "Resistance Salute" and you can now use it.

The nice thing about this emotion is that when you are dancing at the end of a battle in a building of some sort (building, factory, mint, VP, CEO, etc), you can use the Resistance Salute and then you will stop dancing. It's the only emotion that stops you from dancing and you won't start dancing again unless you use another emotion. You can also use it in other places to turn yourself into a statue and do other things. For example, you can use it and immediately start running around. Instead of actually running, you'll be gliding around with your feet staying still.

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