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The Origin of Dacity


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Once in this great land of Dacity, there was nothing. Nothing posted, nothing chatteds and no one ever talked. Untill one day came a brave soldier from another chat far far away. His name was Arnold Dacity and he was here to create. On the first day he created the land's name. He called it Tramitice and so then on it was called this. On the second day he invented high bulidings streets and grand animals, as in wolfs and lions. But Arnold needed to have some thing to make it pretty. So he added trees and flowers. On the third day he added light. On the fourth day he added darkness. Next on the fifth day he added water and food and more house. Then finally on the sixth day he added the people. The poor, the rich, the avarage and the king. The king was King Wolfieand he was a giant rular. He had 3 soldiers other know as the three postateers. And together the three postateers fought against evil! King Wolfie declaired this land name DACITY! (Fireworks)


(Goes into a Wolfie Carol. READ IT!)

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