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Twice upon a time


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Well if school was kidchat things would be a little insane. OBVIOUSLY the principal would be Mike. The chatters would be a mixed in group. Some good others bad. Obvioiusly the trouble maker would be Jomone. The H.I.T.'s would probally be teachers pets. And as for green. Maybe the students that kinda get away with stuff. The red spiders woudl be teachers. I'll name all the spiders i remember.


Wolfie: English teacher (he ALWAYS corrects spelling)


Pinkk:Art teacher (just cause art teachers are kooL)


Punkrawker:Creative writting teacher ( must i explain? =.=)


SoBeLiz: Social studdies teacher(idk why)


PhYcHo:Reading teacher (he strikes me as the book type)


xXx: Math teacher (get the kids in line)


Tabbie: Sex Ed teacher (she's smart w/ that stuff)


ZaK:Gym teacher (he's hyper, he'd pull it off)


Vash:Science teacher (i could see him being able to focus on chemicles and stuff)


Indicate: Guidence Teacher(she is a good advice giver)


Becky:Extra curicular activities teacher( she's just fun like that)


*If i forgot any other Mods deal w/ it. Concider urself a ganitor.

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PsYcH0, SoBeLiz and I would be the vice principals.


Becky cooky arts/music teacher

Dustin sub that you rarely see

ILuv2Talk Social Studies/History (she talks and talks and talks)

Indicate Sex ed teacher

N0S sub that you rarely see

Pinkk naive electives teacher

Punkie English (for lack of anything else better to do)

PunkRawker Creative writing (he tells tales, a lot)

Stumpy Wise and very very LOUD math teacher

Tabbie Study hall teacher

Vash Science, definitely

xXx GYM teacher here. Think about it.

Zak bad comedian of a shop teacher


Green spiders would be the little errand runners/tattletale students and the HIT's would be the "safety patrols" working their way up.


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