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A Wolfie Carol


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Once apon a time there was a king named Wolfie. Wolfie ruled the land of Dacity but he was missing a queen. He order the three postateers to search for his queen. The three postateers' names were punkrawker ZaK and PsYcH0. Together they were ready. "We must got to the land of KidGuests!" ZaK said. They traveled untill they met up with the ruler of the KidGuests Jemone the evil King. "What are you doing here?!?!" he roared. "We came to get a princess of course!" PsYcH0 replied. "Very well." said King Jemone. He then threw a pesent on the golden floor. The pesant was missy_piggy. "Not this one." quickly said punkrawker and the three postateers ran away. Then they came ito the land of H.i.t.s. ZaK approached the King DarkMaster. "We come to get a princess" said ZaK. "Ok here is one of our ladies." he replied He brought out Lady Brownie. Without a word they quickly ran away on their horses. Soon they came to Helper Land. They approached the Queen Kimmi "Let me guess." she said "You wanna princess?" "Yes." they replied. Queen Kimmi took out her daughter princess rockoncheese101. "Here you can have this one." "No thanks." said punkrawker and they trotted away. The only place left was Monitor land so with out doubt they trotted there. On the royal throne sat Queen Marqi and on the smaller throne sat the princess Candy. "You've come for something?" aked Queen Marqi. "Yes. A princess." "Not me mother! You ca-" "Not you sweetie." intterupted Queen Marqi. "We can not give you Candy kindablonde or Pinkk." she said. "But you may go into my land and pick one." The three postateers looked through the greatsest land ever. They saw many ladies of the palace and many pesants of the streets. One pesant who has black long hair and brown eyes was oh so beautiful. "This one." punkrawker sighed. He picked up this terrifed girl and put her on the horse. About a day later they came to the land of Dacity. "Have you brought me my Queen?" asked King Wolfie. "Yes!" They all replied and they brought down this girl form the horse. King Wolfie fell in love with this girl and soon became King Wolfie and Queen SoBeLiz.



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