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un named poooem


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You call me,

i say come on over,

I didn't quite think,

about weather or not you were sober,

you took out the beer,

ofered me some,

I declined beer,

so u ofered some Rum,

I declined again,

I made a healthy choice,

after a few drinks,

I heard a change in his voice,

It seemed hard,

and very unsure,

and just more beer,

he decided to pour,

then it was more than his voice that started to change,

I sat on down,

we watched a movie,

he started grabbing my arm,

pulling me twords him,

i felt extreamly alarmed,

after a while,

he would not let go,

So i pushed him away,

his anger started to show,

now here i am,

bruises all around my waist,

black and blue,

all on my face,

I take my remaining strength,

and he brabs me back,

i can hardly breath,

once he's started with me again,

i start to tear,

his voice changes and says"it's ok im here"

I say i need to call my sister,

he lets go,

he was so drunk he didnt know,

that i was about to escape his trap,

I called my mom she rushed right over,

he wakes up,

after the hangover,

he slowly remembers what he had done,

all over his shirt all beer, and rum,

he comes over,

begs on his knees "Alicia forgive me..PLEASE please..."

Now i guess he has to suffer,

I leave him there on his knees...

when u r drunk,

life has the biggest fees


~based on a true story~

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