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how far i've come


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I was blind,

but now i can see ,

your love,

wasnt made 4 me,


I was deaf,

but now i can hear,

this thing you call love,

is not sincere,


I was deppressed,

but now im stronger,

i may have been confused,

no longer do i ponder,


I was with you,

but now im independant,

and i don't need you to go on,

You don't really love me,

it was a mere trick as to a con,


Your love was addictive,

but now i've broken the spell,

but if u actually care for me,

is very hard to tell,


now i await your reaction,

i know you know i speak the truth,

i'm better with out you,

you speak the lie,

so i'm moving on,

good luck with out me,

and im saying good-bye.

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Very good poem, though there are a few cliche's, try to stay away from those, they're poetry killers!

"I was blind, but now I can see" = Amazing Grace

Try to stay away from lines that have already been used, poetry should come straight from the poet, not songs, or old poetry.

I loved the lest line, though I would take out the "and"


"good luck without me,

I'm saying good-bye." much more feeling :)


keep up the good works



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