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family smashed


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Put my hands to my ears

Try to block it out

Why should I hear you two

Scream and shout


Argueing like this

can honestly scar

your child

if taken so far


on telivision they stick together

But i guess this isnt TV is it

just another reality check

just another pinch

to wake me up


Never love

Always pushed over to disgust

If I dont even have family

Then whos to trust?

Why dont you guys quit

While your ahead

While im still in this house

Still on this bed


Dreaming of these clouds to clear

And a functional family

That I can hold dear

A functional family

That will assure me its okay

Im still on this bed

Here I lay


{{a family to hug}}

{that would be the best}

Rite now the screams are making my heart

Demolish rite on my chest

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