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Another gurl test(maybe 4 boys :\)


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Q- If your stuck in an intersection, and the opisite car won't go, you...


a)Go b4 that defensless car gets a chance

b)show them a hand guesture, let them go

c) just wait, eventually some1 will go


Q-Your really hungry in ur visit to NY, and u only have 3$ w/ u. U can't go to a resturant. BUT by chance that hobo is selling chili dogs you...



b)starve until u get home

c)buy it, but wipe of the grease w/ a napikin


Q-It's coOoOold out. But you want to go out side. Ur idea of a good time outside in the snow is...


a)hockey hockey hockey!

b)snow angels :)

c)competitive ice skating


Q-Your stranded on an island you besides food water and clothes you bring...


a)a gun!W0000t

B)a smoke signal that has a 50%50% chance of saving your butt.

c)your crush (the heat on that island is overwhelming)


Q-On the wizard of Oz the character that reminds u most of urself is...


a)The Witch, hehehe dont mess w/ me

b)Dorathy...you ALWAYS reach that goal

c)Toedoe... a pup w/ spunk!


Q-You think that preps are...


a) stupid self centered ppl

b)ppl with their life in the wrong direction in the city...

c)ppl that just show their rudeness more clearly*


***Well results scale::.***


If you got 4 or more A this means that u are down to earth, speaking ur mind is so what its all about. But don't let it get to ur head. XD


If you got 4 or more B then this means that being rude isnt something you want to be let sown. But dont worry this isnt a bad thing.. ur just "less open"


If you got 4 or more C then this means that you would go up to some1 in the popular group and blurt out "You laugh at me because im different. But I laugh at you bcuz ur all the same"

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