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Honey honny


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I pulled this one on Tuesday. Actually...I didn't even get caught, they didn't even question me. They were probably to afraid to after (rightly) accusing me of my *sugar* prank which I was sentenced 'not guilty'. But anyways.


In the girls bathroom, smear some honey on the toilet seats. Since there are no lids and the paint is apricot colored and gloss finished, it worked out just dandy.

I slathered on some honey and blended it all over 3 seats (yes, with my hand and I will admit it). Then I put a little on the flushing handles of the toilets. I washed up quickly and then even put some on the sink handles.


I chucked the bottle out the 2nd story window (wouldnt want to be caught with that [crap]) and waited outside, and, as always, "needed to tie my shoes". Every girl who came OUT of that bathroom from that point on, had thier hoodies, sweaters or jackets wrapped around their waists that were not there when they enetred. Notice a pattern? :popcorn:


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