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another alcahol poem


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I went to the party,


and had a good time,


i knew that i didnt need alcahol,


to make me glad,


but here i am writting to u,


dreadfully sad,


I did what u said mommy,


I followed every word,


yet here i am,


begging for my life,


a savior from the lord,


I remembered that talk we had,


and remember ur fear,


that u would loose ur daughter


that u held ever so dear,


but here i am,


on the ground,


the parametic sed "the other body was not found!"


'am i dead?' i thought,


as i saw the blood,


and saw people crowded around saying "oh what a shame"


but i drove with a drunk driver,


there is only ME to blame,


so here i am,


writting my last moments on earth,


telling you my last thoughts,


and everything they are worth,


so don't worry mommy,


nothing to fear,


i will always love you...


and thats always sincere.

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