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Wow.... things aint going so smooth. I guess last weekend it became crystal clear that people can get drunk at any age.You see...

I was j/c last weekend when my pal Kevin who just turned 14 had called me and told me about the sims game he had. Well at first i REAAAALLY wanted him to come over. But then i found out that i was getting that game 4 christmas. So i chilled out about it. But i really wanted to hang out w/ him. So he sed on the phone" kool i'll come over in a bit". So i waited and waited and OHHHH OHH OHHH! =.= waited. Then he came over w/ a backpack. So i was like whats that 4? I already got the movie. It was then he took out a bottle of wine.I TRIED not to get nervous. You see alcahol is NOT an option for me at all. A lot if ppl in my family have alcahol probs. So I cant take taht kind of risk. EVER. If i get addicted its O-V-E-R OVER! So i told him that i didnt want any. At the time meh mom was gone and my dad gone (as usual). So when he poured himself a glass lets just say he needed to make that one an even number. Then he started slurring. And acting weird. I kept looking at the clock.. waiting 4 him to say "Gee its 8:00, betta head home" But then he grabbed me and put me on the couch. So at first i pulled away. And told him to SIT.So we were half way through the movie and he pulled me twords him. And I KNEW he was drunk. But dude he was only 14 getting drunk. :\. So i left thecouch and he grabbed my waist. And at the time i was thinking "dude what the heck? Is he gonna rape me?!" So i did what any1 woudl do. I hit him right in the place where the sun dun shine. Apperently u aint supposed to make some1 whos drunk mad. He just got to strong.I did manage to stop him from doing anything rlly bad. But when he fell asleep on the couch i told my mom to get over here. Now, my mom called his mom to pick him up and they had like a 3 hour discussion about that whole thing. later on that week kevin called my. begging 4 forgivness. But RLLY... what was I supossed to say? "its ok that u praticlly raped me?" NO! So i just hung up. But he keeps begging 4 forgivness. Should I forgive him?

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If it's the first time anything like that happened, I'd say to let it go but if he ever starts to repeat it (as in, bringing and/or drinking any alcohol at all) then out the door he goes. If he does't like it then tell him he has to choose.. The alcohol, or you.
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