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I went over to my friends house,

she was throwing a party,

So i made the worst mistake of my life...

i stepped inside,

As i entered the dreary livingroom section,

little did i know,

my life was about to change its direction,

I looked into the rooms,

beer and ciggarettes on the cots,

kids were drinking kissing,

others smoking pot,

time spent there may have been short,

but it felt really long,

i KNEW what was happening,

i KNEW it was wrong,

I wanted to grab my coat,

and head straight home,

I may have been surrounded by people,

but i felt so alone,

The music was slamming,

in my ear,

I was so scared,

i could taste the fear,

as I tried to see past the dealy fog,,

I felt some1 touch my waist,

Next thing u know,

im in some1 elses bed,

I start to remember,

but then shake my head,

Finally I walk home,

see on the couch lying my mom and dad,

they see my face...

and they let out a humoungus gasp

they say "your still alive?im so glad"

I was tempted to tell them,

but i knew that i could'nt,

they might have understood,

but my mind said "they would'nt"





I just keep remembering,

these thoughts won't escape,

there is something you should know,

very little i know what to say,

just because they say its kool,

doesnt mean u need to throw ur life away.

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