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When Wolfie Met The Boogie Man


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When Wolfie met the boogie man

It started pretty strange

He said to the boogie man

Hi Booger got some change?

Wolfie made that old fool cry

He made him run away

Wolfie said dissapointedly "I need my change hey!!!

When Wolfie met Madusa he wanted her to make him a scone

Wolfie did not fear

Madusa said "boo you ugly"

Wolfie said "look in the mirror."

Madusa got really mad and suddenly turned into stone

Wofie poked Madusa and said "weres my scone?"

When Wolfie met me

He ran and screamed and hid

Because I was so me

I was the annoyingest kid.


Tell your :wub: loved ones and they will also scream

I like chicken I like cream

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