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How Well Do You Know You're Zodiacs?


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Plz do the following test. All multiple choice. Dun worry :D



1) Who is the following: Peaceful Friend Loving and creative dislikes are showoofs and following rules


a) scorpio

b ) Aquarius

c) Aries


2) What about a scorpio is NOT true?


a) badboy lover

b ) pink wearer

c) the sign is the wolf


3) A Scorpio and a Sagittarius is...


a) love at first sight

b ) friends

c) No No No bad move


4) Sagittarius and Leo...


a) Love Love Love

b ) dont push it

c) No way! Way Way Way!!!!!


5) A Libra hates which one:


a) being praised

b ) being neat

c) ugly places


6) A Leo's symbol is?


a) Water

b ) Air

c) Fire




Ok tell me your answers!


#1 is worth 2 pts.

#2 is worth 2 pts.

#3 is worth 5 pts.

#4 is worth 5 pts.

#6 is worth 3 pts.


Good luck getting 17 points!!!

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